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Proactive Publishing develops a large selection of sales and marketing materials.  Sales impact is greatly improved when comprehensive product testing is performed to develop an accurate understanding of your product's strengths.  Product Testing performed by Proactive Publishing can identify features of your products that enhance your sales opportunities.  Marketing and Sales literature and brochures can be developed to emphasize these features.  Market Research performed by Proactive Publishing will help you accurately position your product within the context of competing brands.  Objective product testing, product comparisons,  and independent market research are tools Proactive Publishing will use to help you correctly position your product in the market and effectively emphasize your products strongest and most attractive features.  Independent testing can often identify product areas requiring improvement or modification before your scheduled product release.

Sales/Marketing Literature


Sales Brochures -- Emphasize your products strongest technical features.


White Papers -- Effective unbiased selling technique.


Technical Sales Presentations -- Sell the strengths of your products.


Sales Demo Scripts -- Emphasize technical aspects of your products.


Sales Training Videos -- Can be used for shows and Installations.

Market/Technical Research

A variety of product research techniques on the technical qualities of your products can help you correctly position your product amongst the competition.  Get to know your product's strengths and your competition's weaknesses.

Market Research -- Learn the obstacles blocking potential sales.


Technical Research  -- Understand your competition.


Position Papers -- Help your sales reps to understand where your products fit.


Product Placement -- Choose the market entry point with the most opportunity for your products.


Send to request literature or call (973) 962-7978 if you have questions.


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