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Experienced Trainers with a technical background will be provided for training programs administered by Proactive Publishing.  Flexible schedules can be accommodated.  Avoid the high cost of maintaining a full time trainer on your payroll for training that is presented sporadically by utilizing Proactive Publishing's highly skilled trainers.  Don't pull your skilled Support Technicians away from their responsibilities for days at a time for training purposes.  Discounts are available for regularly scheduled courses.

Proactive Publishing Advantages


Expertise -- Trainers provided by Proactive Publishing are experienced trainers with highly technical backgrounds.


Schedules -- Proactive Publishing can accommodate virtually any training schedule.  Short lead time and irregular schedules can normally be accommodated.


Content -- Trainers can develop course content or use your existing manuals.


Additional Content -- Will be provided by Proactive Publishing trainers when appropriate to facilitate the learning process.


Setup/Teardown -- Trainers will assist with setup before training and clean-up after completion.


Discounts  -- are available for regularly scheduled classes or for multiple products/classes in the same time period.

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